Age with Attitude Workshop – “Retirement” Life Planning

The ‘Age With Attitude’ workshop is not about financial planning – although, of course, that is part of the picture. This is about life planning – the stuff that provides meaning, purpose, what you want to do, how you want to spend your time and what you need to do to ensure it all happens!

Providing facts and challenging some dated beliefs, the workshop is designed to get participants thinking differently about life-after-60. The workshop covers areas such as career and work, health and wellness, finances, family and relationships, leisure and social and personal development. The workshop culminates with action planning and developing a life ‘vision’ – how you want your life to be.

The workshop is run over a day and participants are provided with both a workbook and an ‘e-reference book’ for future reference. The workshop is highly interactive and action-orientated. Click here for a link to the table of contents of the workbook/workshop.

As an organisation, you may already be experiencing difficulties sourcing and recruiting skilled employees…..this is likely to get even more challenging in the future. Consider the facts:

    Currently 12% of the population is over 65 ... by 2021 this will have increased to 17% and by 2051 26% of the population will be aged 65 plus.

    Life expectancy has increased by 30 years over the last 90

    The growth in the labour market is quickly decreasing - from 38% 1975-2000, to 14% 2000-2025 and to minus 4% to 2050 ...

    The same patterns are happening all over the world so importing skilled workers won't be an option ...

Meanwhile, the ‘Baby Boomers’ are beginning to think differently about retirement. Many can’t afford to retire, some don’t want to but feel they have to, most don’t feel ‘old’ but they do not have a clear plan in place for their future so they just put off thinking about it –and the niggling stress of what the future will bring remains.

Many organisations have aging workforces which is likely to create significant skill shortages and knowledge gaps if everyone chooses to retire at the traditional age. Perfect for organisations who value their staff, this ‘retirement planning’ workshop not only assists with staff retention and engagement but helps staff gain clarity, control and focus for their future.

As part of a strategic human resources plan, the workshop helps both employees and employers. The worry and stress about an unknown future are avoided. Facts are gathered by the employee, a plan developed and discussed with the employer. Options such as down-sizing job, moving to part time hours, being ‘on-call’ for mentoring or cover for peak workloads can all be considered if it is what the employee wants and the employer needs.

Investment - $1,800 + GST for up to 10 participants or $1,999 + GST for 20*

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*Venue costs, expenses and catering not include

Feedback from past participants:
“It gave me the confidence to enjoy my retirement and not succumb to boredom.”
“Lots of useful references and food for though.t”
“Lots of things I hadn’t thought about before are starting to make me think differently about my retirement”
“Definitely one of the better seminars I have attended."