Goal Setting

Goals can be powerful motivators.....rather than having a vague idea about getting round to doing something, sometime - make it a goal instead; you are fair more likely to actually do it!  How often do you look back over a period of time and wonder where the time went, the years blur into each other - the same routine day after day, week after week.  Well, get out of the cow path!!  Do something meaningful for you, dust off those long forgotten dreams and turn them into goals.

Not done it before?  It’s easy!  To set you in the right direction here are some ‘Life Arena’ headings and questions to think about: 

You - Are you happy to be you?  Do you feel confident and sure of yourself?  Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’ but don’t know how to?  Are you clear on your values and do you stick to them?  Do you feel clear about your future and what you want out of life?  Are you ‘living your dreams’ or are you making do?  Do you have a sense of purpose and meaning?  Is there anything you have given up on?  Is there anything you are not doing that you may later regret?  Do you often feel stressed or suffer from anxiety attacks - do you want to change this?

Career/work/job - Is your current employment satisfying?  Does it fill you with excitement or do you feel bored or frustrated?  How would life be different if you had a fantastic job?  Are you currently performing at your best?  Are all your skills being fully utilized?  Are you clear what your next career move will be and how you are going to get there?  Do you have a vague idea about setting up your own business but no idea where to start?

Relationships/friends/family - Do you have great friends?  Do you show them how much you appreciate them?  Do you spend enough time with the significant people in your life?  Is there anything you need to do to put the zing back into your relationships? Do you need to meet some new people?

Health/wellness - Are you kind to yourself?  Would you prefer to be fitter, healthier, have more energy?  What messages do you give yourself – are they positive or negative?  Do you live life to it’s fullest?  Do you give yourself enough time to reflect?  Do you get enough sleep?  Are you a healthy weight?

Leisure/hobbies - Do you spend time enough time on non-work activities?  What does leisure mean to you?  Is it voluntary work, artistic pursuits, sports, personal development, spectator events, creative past times, meditation, travel?

Financial - Are your finances under control?  Debt levels manageable?  Savings plan in place?  Insurances in place (life, income protection, house insurance etc)?  Do you have a will?  Do you have a budget?  Do you know what your in and outgoings are?  Do you an emergency fund for a ‘rainy day’?

Next Steps

Setting the goals - After you have reflected on these areas, what are the priority areas for you?  Is there a trend?  Is there a specific Life Arena that isn’t as you would ideally like it?  How would you prefer things to be?  How would life be different for you if you made the changes?  Happier?  More satisfying?  More alive?  More exciting?  Less stressful?  Better balanced?  These are your goals.

Example – ‘to have a career I love’, ‘to exceed current sales targets by at least 50%’, ‘ to get rid of half my clutter’, ‘get the book written and to the publishers by July 1’, 'fit and feeling fabulous for my fiftieth'

Think about the benefits to you in achieving the goal - what will be different?  How will you feel?  On a 1-10 scale how important is achieving it to you?  How much of a priority? What are the consequences of not achieving it?  Write these thoughts down!

Action planning - Now, what do you need to do to get from where you currently are to where you want to be?  Break each goal down into chunks – small steps!  These are your actions!  When will you do each of the steps?  How?  Do you need to talk to anyone, get their support?

Example – for the goal ‘to have a career I love’ the steps might involve: reviewing career to date – what I loved, what I achieved, get clear about what my ideal job is – where, the culture, the people, the job content, the hours, the environment, the remuneration package, etc; conduct a ‘skills audit’ – what I have to offer; research the market – what is available and what employers want; update my CV; start applying and contacting employers; practice interview technique, land my ideal job!

Doing it! – Now, implement your actions!  Having your goals in a visible place is a great idea – either as pictures – a collage works well, or as words.  Mark on a calendar or in a diary when you want to achieved actions so you can keep track on your progress.

Remember, if you goals seem just too big and scary or if you just can’t seem to get there by yourself and things keep slipping – give me a call, I can help!