So, what is hypnosis?  We all go into the trance-like state called hypnosis on a dily basis.  Those times when you look at your watch after being really absorbed in something and wander where on earth the last hour or so have gone!  Or the times when you are driving and you become conscious that you have no idea how you got to the place you are - that you were not fully conscious of driving the last few miles.  You weren't asleep but you were not fully conscious either!  In emergencies though you are immediately jolted to the present moment and you react appropriately.  These are the times when we are accessing our subconscious mind.

Around 95% of what we do is driven by habit.  Our reactions to situations are driven by our habitual way of thinking.  Our actions are mainly driven by our thinking.  Changing unhelpful habits can be difficult - telling ourselves not to panic when that awful feeling of anxiety comes in tends not to work.  Telling ourselves we shouldn't have that cigarette or extra portion of fried food, even when we say we want a healthier lifestyle, doesn't always work!  Our subconscious mind has these habits hard wired in.  So, hypnosis, in effect, helps you to re-wire some of your thinking and habits.

Hypnosis can be helpful in many situations - assisting you to achieve your goals, helping to remove blocks - anxiety,  self-sabotage or low motivation.  Hypnosis can assist with habits such as smoking, over eating or fears such as flying,